Why are websites providing free e-mail service ?

In the internet mostly all email providing websites are commercial purpose. May be there are non-commercial email service providers. But, I'm not sure. Everyone thinks that is "Why the email providing websites are providing free email service?". Its common. If we think we can guess why they are providing. I writing here as per my knowledge. In view of my point these all free email service providing websites wants plenty users, in this case they are attracting users by offering free email service. To say in simple words they want to increase their website's circulation. Email providing is one of the option to get their website become popular. I think you are getting doubt 'if they give email service to us, how will they get traffic?'. I have answer for it. 

For example: If a person want to create an email account, he goes to create an email ID on which is the providing free email service. He went and creates an email account for him. After that, to communicate his friends he gives his email ID to his friends. here is a small trick. It is in our email after the "@" symbol there will be domain name. Through that domain his friends will knows automatically about that website and they will also create an email account for them. Its like a chine system.

My suggestion to you: If you want to create an email account for your official purpose, create it only on safe and secured sites. Don't create your your official ID in small and little and non-trusted websites. And I strongly recommend you that use the pro email service for you official purpose.

Author of this article : Anirudh Kumar