Top 2 Risk Free Blog Provider sites

     Now-a-days.. From the small boy to old-age people too using blogging service. That's why lots of blog providers are started free blog providing services in the web world. Mostly 50% users are using this blogging option to share their feelings. Another 40% commercial purpose and remaining 10% is for information purpose. The is also one of the blog in the 10% information blogs category. Okay, now I'm going to tell you which blog provider is best for common bloggers, and which one is the risk free blog.

I have researched lots of blog provider sites but there is no one is good for free. Most of blog providers are best when if bloggers choose upgraded pro option.

In my view two blog provider sites are best in the web.

Number 1 is
Number 2 is

Above the two blog providers are best in WWW.

Why did I give number 1 place to the blogger? Is it your question?

Answer is very simple because blogger has a special feature. Google blogger is providing us without paying money it is providing us custom domain service absolutely free. That's why I gave number one place to the also providing custom domain service but it is not free. It's cost maximum in my view up to 1300 Indian Rupees (Don't know exactly). I don't know full details of but it is better for commercial or non-commercial purpose.

If you are not satisfied with any of free blog provider site, you can create your own blog along with website through the buying a hosting package.

Buy hosting package and design your website and setup it. Next install ONE click blog and enjoy !

Author of this article : Anirudh Kumar


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