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Microsoft disk operating system.

Command : 
     Set of instructions called as command. Commands are true two types in MS-DOS

1. Internal Commands
2. External Commands.

1) Internal Commands :
     The commands which are loaded into the system when the operating is loaded.

1) data
2) time
3) volume
4) version
5) clr
6) copy can
7) Type
8) DIR
9) Ren
10) copy
11) DEL
12) MD
13) CD

How to Enter into DOS
Start> Run  
Type "command" > click on ok

Next ..

c:\> windows\desktop>cd\ [hit enter button]
c. Prompt

1. Date :

This command is used to display and set the system date.
example : c:\> Date [hit enter button]
current date is 00/00/0000
Enter new date C MM/DD/YY/ 12/03/2013
c:\> date [hit enter button] 

Now you can check your exact time and date.

2. TIME :

This command is used to display and set the system time.

Example : c:\> Time [hit enter button]
current time is 6:00
Enter new Time 6:30 [hit enter button]

to check results type again

c:\> TIME [hit enter button]

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