Important Internet Glossary

Glossary - Important Internet Glossary (by me)

protocol : The preferred or standard way of doing things. In computer terms, computers can only talk to each other if both follow the same protocols.

remote : Any computer other than your own "local" PC. The Internet gives you access to remote computers.

right-drag : To drag an item using the secondary (right) mouse button rather than the primary (left) mouse button.

ROTEL : Rolling on the floor laughing.

RTFM : Read the manual. (I've left out the "F" because we can't print that word in a book like this! )

server : A computer that sits on the Internet and "server up" Web pages or other information to clients.

SMTP : Simple Mail Transfer Protocol, the protocol used for sending e-mail over the Internet.

spam : Junk mail. "Spamming" is using the Internet to send out jund e-mail.

Start button T1 thru T3 : High-speed lines used by ISPs and large businesses to maintain a fast, full-time connection to the Internet.

taskbar : A bar that contains the Start button, indicators, and more. Generally appears along the bottom edge of the screen.

TLA : Thanks in advance.

upload : To copy a file from your PC to same other computer, parhaps a computer on the Internet.

URL : Uniform Resource Locator, the "address" of a Web site. For example, is a URL.

WAN : A Wide Area Network, such as the Internet.

Web browser : A program that lets you visit Web sites on the Internet. Microsoft Internet Explorer is the browser that comes with Windows 98.

Web page : A page of information stored on the Internet that anyone on the Internet can visit using their Web browser.

Web site : A place on the Internet that you can visit using a Web browser. Each Web site has its own unique URL (address).

Web view : A navigation option that lets you open icons by clicking them once.

Windows 98 Desktop : The main screen you see after starting your PC and waiting for Windows to kick in.

Wizard : Step-by-step instructions presented by Windows to make it easier to use more advanced features.

World Wide Web : One of the most popular services of Internet, home to all those addresses.

by Anirudh Kumar