Glossary & Internet (Learn Web Knowledge) - 3rd Post

Glossary & Internet [3rd post by me]

Internet Service Provider : A company that can give you access to the Internet from your home or office. Abbreviated ISP.
intranet : a small local area network within an office or building that has the same look and feel as the Internet.

IRC : Internet Relay Chat, the protocol used for chatting on the Internet.

ISP : Short for Internet Service Provider, a business that can give you access to the Internet from your PC.

JAVA : A programming language used to create programs and small applets for Web pages.

K, Kb : An abbreviation for kilobyte.

kilobyte : About 1,000 bytes (1,024 to be exact).

LAN : Local Area Network, a small collection of interconnected computers in an office or building.

link : Short for "hyperlink", a hot spot on a Web page that you can click to visit another Web page.

local : Your PC and anything that happens on your PC (as opposed to remote).

LOL : Laughing out loud.

M, Mb, meg : Abbreviation for megabyte.

maximize : To expand to full-screen size, either by clicking the maximize button or double-clicking the title bar.

megabyte : about a million bytes.

menu : A list of options to choose from.

modem : A gadget that connects your computer to a telephone line so you can use online services like the Internet.

monitor : The part of a computer that looks that moves on the screen as you roll the mouse around.

MSN : Microsoft Network, a commercial online service that also offers Internet access.

NNTP : Network News Transfer Protocol, used by Usenet Newsgroups.

OIC : Oh, I see.

OTOH : On the other hand.

point : (mouse) To touch the mouse pointer to same item on the scree. (typography) A unit of measurement equal to approximately 1/ 72 inch.

pointer : Short for "mouse pointer", the thing that moves on the screen as you roll the mouse.

POP : Post Office Protocol, the protocol that defines how incoming messages are stored on your e-mail server.

POTS : Plan Old Telephone System.

primary mouse button : The button that's under your index finger w hen you rest your hand comfortably on the mouse, usually t he left mouse button. 

by Anirudh Kumar