Glossary - 2nd Post (You should learn)

Glossary - 2 (by me)

dialog box : A windows that offer options for you to choose from.

directory : Another term for "folder, a place on a disk that holds its own collection of files.

domain name : The main name of a resource that's available on the Internet. For example, my domain name is

download : To copy a file from the Internet (or some other computer) to your own PC.

drag : To rest the mouse pointer on some item or selection and then hold down the primary mouse button while moving the mouse.

DUN : An abbreviation for Dial-Up Networking

e-mail :  Mail that's sent electronically across the Internet or a local area network.

emotion : Characters typed to represent an emotion, such as the smiley - :-) used to represent "happy" or "only kidding".

extension : The ending part of a filename, such as .doc or .txt. Windows uses the extension to keep track of which documents go with which programs.

extranet : A network of computers used by two or more businesses that has the look and feel of the internet

FAQ : Frequently Asked Questions.

file : A unit of storage on the disk. For example, any document you create and save will be stored in a file.

folder : A place on the hard disk where you can store files that belong together.

g or or : Grin-used in e-mail messages and such to indicate "only kidding" or "no offense intended".

hard disk : A disk inside the PC that stores windows, all your programs, and documents you save. Named C : on all PCs.

hardware : The PC itself, and any gadget you attach to the PC.

home page : The first page one comes to when visiting a web site.

host : Any computer or device capable of providing services to other computers. Like the host at a party where all the guests are PCs.

HTML : Hypertext Markup Language, a set of codes used to define the appearance of Web pages. Learning to create Web pages requires learning about HTML.

hyperlink : A hot spot on a Web page that you can click to visit another Web page.

IMAP : Internet Message Access Protocol, an e-mail protocol that lets you manage messages without copying them from the server to your own PC.

IMHO : In my humble opinion.

install : To add a program to your computer's hard disk, usually by running its Setup program.

Internet : A huge network of interconnected computers from around the world. Provides popular services like e-mail and the World Wide Web.

by Anirudh Kumar