How is talcum powder made?

How is talcum powder made?
     Perfumed talcum powder is used by a large no of people throughout the world to protect skin from heat during the hot summer months it gives a smoothing effect to skin. Do you know what this talcum powder is?

-it is a fine perfumed powder made from a mineral called talc. talc is the softest mineral known to man. when it is in solid form, it is  called soapstone and very soft and grayish or greenish in color, and very soft and greasy touch.

-Often it has brown spots. To make talcum, white-colored soapstone is first ground to a very fine powder.
Then this is sieved to remove the coarse grains. Desired scents are added to this sieved powder.

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-one of the remarkable features of talc is its simple, almost constant composition. it is basically magnesium silicate. soapstone is often used in the making of household articles because it resists heat and can easily be shaped. cooking utensils and parts of stoves are sometimes made from it. it is also used in the making of laundry tubs. as soapstone hardens at high temperatures,it is also used for lining furnaces. as it cannot easily be eaten away slabs of this material are used for acid tanks in the laboratories. it is a poor is used conductor of electricity and for this reason, is used as a base for switch boards and electrical insulation.

-The best quality talc comes from italy. its deposits are found in england, canada, germany and rhodesia. the atlantic coast has more talc than all other countries of the world. about three quarters of the manufacture of paints, glazed tiles, ceramic products, paper and rubber.
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